Writing a WordPress Plugin, Part 1

The Basics So you want learn about writing a WordPress plugin, eh? We’re going to cover the basics on how to write a WordPress plugin. It will be very limited in scope, since this is a tutorial. You can find working resources at the end of the posts. This post assumes you’ve already installed WordPress. Getting […]

How To Minify WordPress Scripts

What is Minification and Why Do I Need It? Minification is the process in which scripts and styles are compressed (and sometimes combined) to reduce the filesize. Take, for example, the following library (carhartl/jquery-cookie): /*! * jQuery Cookie Plugin v1.4.1 * * * Copyright 2006, 2014 Klaus Hartl * Released under the MIT license […]

Add the Debugbar Back in Laravel 4

How to Debug Laravel 4 Laravel 3 had a profiler integrated, but it was removed when Laravel launched version 4. This was a useful feature, so when it was removed, we were disappointed. Fortunately, a new package has been developed to fill the void that was left: The Laravel Debugbar. This makes it simple to […]

Adding an Asset Pipeline to Laravel

What is an Asset Pipeline? An Asset Pipeline is a concept where a developer simply places their resources into folders, and the application handles including those as needed. The first time I’d ever played with it was when I was working with Rails 4, and it was the coolest thing ever. In normal web design, you […]

PHP Classes

Object Oriented PHP Programming If you read the last tutorial on there, you might be wondering why your code isn’t working. You entered everything there, but at best, you’re getting only a white screen. Well, that’s because I showed you pseudocode; those Classes don’t actually exist, so we need to write them. Person Class class […]

Advanced PHP Tutorial

An Intro to Classes And More Classes: An Object Oriented Approach In the course of a project, sometimes it’s handy and logical to have an item that contains certain properties and can do certain actions. In real life, this manifests itself in our everyday life by the objects we ourselves interact with. Take a pencil […]