Month: July 2014

Phalcon PHP, A C Extension PHP Framework

What is Phalcon? Phalcon is a PHP MVC Framework written with speed in mind; however, it takes a different approach to getting that speed. Quite a few micro-frameworks exist, the popular contenders being Slim, Silex, and CodeIgniter, but they all are exactly that: a micro-framework. Thus, you’re missing a lot of built-in functionality found in bigger, […]

Gnarly Web Redesign

A Whole New Look for Gnarly Web! I’ve been needing to redesign my site for quite a while now; I had started on this back in 2013, but never really got too far before I got swamped with work. I recently had some openings with time, so I jumped at the chance to redesign my site. […]

Writing a WordPress Plugin, Part 1

The Basics So you want learn about writing a WordPress plugin, eh? We’re going to cover the basics on how to write a WordPress plugin. It will be very limited in scope, since this is a tutorial. You can find working resources at the end of the posts. This post assumes you’ve already installed WordPress. Getting […]

How To Minify WordPress Scripts

What is Minification and Why Do I Need It? Minification is the process in which scripts and styles are compressed (and sometimes combined) to reduce the filesize. Take, for example, the following library (carhartl/jquery-cookie): /*! * jQuery Cookie Plugin v1.4.1 * * * Copyright 2006, 2014 Klaus Hartl * Released under the MIT license […]

Add the Debugbar Back in Laravel 4

How to Debug Laravel 4 Laravel 3 had a profiler integrated, but it was removed when Laravel launched version 4. This was a useful feature, so when it was removed, we were disappointed. Fortunately, a new package has been developed to fill the void that was left: The Laravel Debugbar. This makes it simple to […]

Adding an Asset Pipeline to Laravel

What is an Asset Pipeline? An Asset Pipeline is a concept where a developer simply places their resources into folders, and the application handles including those as needed. The first time I’d ever played with it was when I was working with Rails 4, and it was the coolest thing ever. In normal web design, you […]