Laravel – Using View Creators to Make Default Values

What is a “View Model”? In web MVC architecture, there are scenarios you run into where you’d like the same set of dynamic information passed into each view, but that view isn’t called from one location. One such example is a menuing system. The items you pass into the navigation might potentially always be the […]

Add the Debugbar Back in Laravel 4

How to Debug Laravel 4 Laravel 3 had a profiler integrated, but it was removed when Laravel launched version 4. This was a useful feature, so when it was removed, we were disappointed. Fortunately, a new package has been developed to fill the void that was left: The Laravel Debugbar. This makes it simple to […]

Adding an Asset Pipeline to Laravel

What is an Asset Pipeline? An Asset Pipeline is a concept where a developer simply places their resources into folders, and the application handles including those as needed. The first time I’d ever played with it was when I was working with Rails 4, and it was the coolest thing ever. In normal web design, you […]