Web Bible, A KJV Bible Project by Gnarly Web

What the Web Bible Is

The Web Bible is a KJV Bible project born out of an interest in moving the King James Version of the Bible into a web accessible application, while still leaving it ad free. I had a very hard time finding the Bible in KJV that met these criteria:

  • Easy on the eyes
  • No ads
  • Different methods to randomize picking a passage
  • Simple interface

When I couldn’t find a Bible Application like that, I decided to build one.

What the Web Bible Is Not

This project does not aim to expand into other translations of the Bible. I would like to keep this application simple and easy to use. As such, I do not plan for it to become a “mega-Bible”that can do everything last thing you can think of.

Click Here to Access the Web Bible


Web Bible, Shot 1
John 3, The Chapter of the Most Memorized Verse of the Bible


Web Bible, Shot 2 (Themed)
When Logged In, You Are Able to Select from a Modest Set of Pre-Built Themes.

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