Staying Informed About Drupal Security Updates

The Problem

I have a few Drupal sites (which I don’t really enjoy maintaining), and this year, Drupal has released 6 security patches for Drupal 7. Drupal has an Update Manager Module, but the issue with this is that it sends emails about every single type of update available, so after seeing “Updates Available” for weeks on end, it gets pretty easy to miss “Security Updates Available”.

The Solution

It turns out, Drupal has a newsletter for staying informed about updates, but it sends you update information for every single project on Drupal. That’s probably information overload, so I kept looking for another way around it.

As it turns out, Drupal does have is an RSS feed for security patches. So I wondered: “Are there any services out there where I can have RSS feed updates emailed to me?” As it turns out, there is: Blogtrottr.


Blogtrottr allows you to enter an RSS feed URL, an email address and a frequency. So I opted in!

The even more awesome thing about this is that this doesn’t apply to just Drupal; if something has an RSS feed (what doesn’t anymore? Even I Have One!), you can sign up for this service to have the RSS updates emailed to you!

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