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Using Composer Dependencies in WordPress

Composer In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how you can add Composer Dependencies to your WordPress theme. Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you.  ( Getting Started The first thing […]

Adding Bootstrap Panel Classes to Widgets

Bootstrap CSS Bootstrap is an awesome CSS framework that allows you to rapidly prototype web applications. It makes it easy to create components that look consistent and unify a website’s feel. Something lesser known about Bootstrap is that it’s just as good with prototyping websites; it provides you with a some simple tools that make […]

Transforming API Data Objects in AngularJS

The Problem AngularJS is awesome, but one thing sorely lacking from it is the ability to use information from HTTP endpoints as Business Logic objects. For example, if you get a list of files from an API endpoint, all you get are the attributes from that endpoint, no methods. [{“filename”: “”, “filesize”: 1033293}, {“filename”: “”, […]

A Neat Little SQL Trick

What’s Going On? Have you ever needed to select a subset of a table, based on non-contiguous identifiers? I used to either use a join for that or write an external script to SELECT * FROM whatever WHERE key=’val’, then loop through the results using them as needed. Recently, I ran across this neat little SQL operator, […]

Using the HOSTS File

What Does it Do? What is the HOSTS file? It’s a simple file that your operating system relies on to override DNS settings. It’s a very limited, albeit functional, way of overriding a DNS server to tell your computer where to send a request. Where is the HOSTS File Located? The location of the HOSTS file varies […]

Phalcon PHP, A C Extension PHP Framework

What is Phalcon? Phalcon is a PHP MVC Framework written with speed in mind; however, it takes a different approach to getting that speed. Quite a few micro-frameworks exist, the popular contenders being Slim, Silex, and CodeIgniter, but they all are exactly that: a micro-framework. Thus, you’re missing a lot of built-in functionality found in bigger, […]

Gnarly Web Redesign

A Whole New Look for Gnarly Web! I’ve been needing to redesign my site for quite a while now; I had started on this back in 2013, but never really got too far before I got swamped with work. I recently had some openings with time, so I jumped at the chance to redesign my site. […]