About Kyle Keiper

The Web Programmer: Kyle Keiper

I’m Kyle Keiper, a web programmer enthusiast. I enjoy writing web in my spare time, and tend to lean towards PHP and JavaScript. I enjoy playing with other languages, but PHP was my first language, and it’s still the one I enjoy most.

Currently, I work at an Advertising Agency, WRL Advertising, Inc., as a Web Application Specialist. I enjoy every day of it, finding the challenges of web development to be exhilarating. I specialize in WordPress and Drupal, as well as Laravel.

I’ve been doing this programming stuff since I was 16, by starting with an “Intro To HTML” class in High School; We barely touched the surface of HTML, but I found it fascinating to be able to tell the computer what to do. I had always wanted to be an engineer of some sort, but when I learned that I, an average person, was actually able to tell the computer what to do, I couldn’t put that down.


Like you may have noticed, I started doing this HTML stuff back when I was in high school. I went to Wadsworth High, where part of my course work was a vocational program in Web Design and Programming. My course was 2 years in length, covering subjects ranging from HTML and ASPX to Robotics. (Neat little aside: I won the Honda Innovation Award in 2010)

Starting college in 2011, I attended the Stark State College. I graduated in 2013, with an Associate’s Degree in Web Development.


WRL Advertising, Inc. hired me in December of 2011 as a Web Programming Intern; after a successful three months, they offered me a Contract-to-Hire position, so upon graduation from Stark State College, I was employed at WRL Advertising as a lead programmer. My experience is strongest in WordPress and Laravel, but I’ve had stints of Rails 2 and Drupal mixed in there.


If you’d like to get in touch with Kyle Keiper, feel free to email at info@thisdomain or try the contact form. I try to respond within 48 hours.