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Welcome to the Gnarly Web!

Pronounced “/ˈnärlē/”, this word has more meaning than meets the eye; originally used to mean “unpleasant or unattractive”, it has come to be used as a slang word for something that’s really exceptional. Isn’t that gnarly, dude?

About Kyle Keiper

Kyle KeiperI’m a Web Application Specialist who dabbles with Laravel, Lumen, AngularJS and WordPress. I work for Stark State College.

Programming has been a passion of mine, ranging from problems such as building a Notepad like application with the Qt (Cute) Framework to building a whole event driven system to monitor file changes. Languages that fit within the C syntax are what I specialize in, so I’m fluent in languages such as JavaScript, PHP, C++, and Java, as well as a little bit of Ruby.

A little about what I like to do outside of programming is that I enjoy jogging; I try to keep myself in shape for running 5Ks. I never thought I’d enjoy it, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it rather cathartic and relaxing. I’m an amateur pianist, dabbling in some classical music, as well as sacred music. As for my personal beliefs, I’m a Fundamentalist Christian; I try to live by the Bible, interpreting what it has to say literally.

Random Projects

  • Web Bible – This is a little web program that allows different tools for reading the KJV Bible. As a personal belief, I do not plan to add any other translations of the Bible, in order to keep it simple and because I’d like to be using the same Bible the rest of my church uses.
  • FileWatcher – A PHP daemon (that requires php5-inotify) which allows you to monitor certain directories. I was wanting a tool to monitor when someone makes a change to a directory, and everything I found was so heavy handed that I opted to write my own using PHP5 and INotify.
  • Apache Virtual Host Tools – A set of Bash scripts designed to make setting up virtual hosts on Ubuntu and CentOS simple.

Recent Miscellaneous News

I enjoy travelling. I’ve been to Jamaica once, Haiti twice ( and hopefully more trips coming soon ), as well as different places within the USA. I’ll put up some galleries from the trips eventually.